101 answers to "What's for dinner?" in one jar

What is 101 Sauce and How Do you Use It?

101 Sauce is a seriously innovative product that is truly in a class all its own.  This sauce/meal starter/dinner savior is deliciously unique:  you can use it straight out of the jar, topping any dish you currently make, or use it as a wholesome meal starter, simply and deliciously answering the question "What's for dinner?" for both basic and creative home cooks.  101 Sauce is so versatile you can add just a few other ingredients and twist the flavor to a completely different profile.  For example, add chili powder and cumin to RED 101 Sauce and, you've got a more Mexican flavor.  Add curry powder and some coconut milk and, now you've got an Indian sauce.  101 Sauce has the perfect flavor "as-is", but also a supremely balanced profile, so you can do that fun experimentation with no regret of the time you spent!  101 Sauce is for busy families who are tired of the same dishes every week and just can't stomach doing take out or prepared meals.  101 Sauce is no One-Trick-Pony - this product has over 101 tricks!

The beauty of 101 Sauce is that you can learn one simple recipe, for example, 5 ingredients plus a particular flavor of 101 Sauce, say RED.  The next time you make that same recipe, change up the 101 Sauce flavor to GREEN and, it's a different take on a recipe you already know.  The next week, add a spice and a herb to that with a different side dish and BOOM, different dinner altogether!  101 Sauce is the ultimate pantry staple and the perfect "Start Here" ingredient every household needs.

When is 101 Sauce available to purchase?

While RED and GREEN are deliciously perfected in the kitchen, we are still working on AMBER, GINGER, WHITE and FIRE and have not produced 101 Sauce yet for distribution.  We are hoping to go to market within six months and certainly look forward to people learning about 101 Sauce from watching Jen on Supermarket Superstar, Sauces episode from August 29th.  If you are interested in producing and/or distributing 101 Sauce, please contact us right away at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Below is a brief description of the 101 Sauce flavors:

RED:  a warm, slightly exotic tasting roasted tomato-based chunky sauce.  Hints of garam masala, soy and mint can be detected along with garlic, paprika and balsamic.  You might hear "red sauce" and think you know, but oh, you really don't until you taste this.  It surprises people every single time!  It is unlike any red sauce you've ever had, which makes it so easy to twist into different flavors.  Vegan.

GREEN:  a brightly mellow herb and white wine-based sauce.  GREEN has roasted tomatillo, green pepper and four different herbs.  Also a food chameleon, Jen has yet to find something that doesn't go with GREEN.  Vegan and Gluten-free.

AMBER (in development):  a deep and hearty red wine sauce base, akin to a light demi glace.  Excellent with beef and pork dishes as well as chilis and slow cooker recipes.

GINGER (in development):  a suprisingly roasty sweet sensation that is the first 101 Sauce with which you can bake sweets as well as make savory dishes!  Hello, Versatility.

WHITE (in development):  a bechamel white sauce base with hints of sweetly mellowed garlic, white pepper and a touch of wine.  Just a hint.  Or more like a whisper. 

FIRE (in development):  a unique hot sauce for those who prefer heat in all their dishes.